Handling outside drama from now on
The event of chats being littered with outside drama is a common one. The measures that will take place in order to prevent that will be listed on this article.
Posted with ❤️ on May 28, 2023

After spending so much time growing this community, I find it absolutely absurd for anyone to carry over another server's events here. I've honestly had enough of trying to appeal to everyone and making the chats a place for crybabies to take their anger out in great detail.

Why is this a problem?

Honestly speaking, not a single person who is not involved in said drama is interested in it! It's so stupid that every single server disallows this but we are still being harassed by members for closing off such discussions. After all, this is a service, not your local kindergarten where the mods are supposed to teach you how to communicate with others. Seriously, if you have problems sorting out situations about friendships over the internet of all things, you should get professional help.

Another issue that arises with such events is that it brings a terrible image to my community. I get it if a person blocked you off everywhere except signed; however, this isn't your free ticket to litter the chats with pings spreading targeted, hateful messages to a single person just because they blocked you. That's possibly the most absurd thing I've ever seen in the last 7 years of my internet presence.

Why are you telling us all of this right now?

A single individual from signed got targeted for simply terminating a friendship and is now being actively harassed in my chats. Allegations were quickly formed even though nothing is provable with screenshots that could be easily modified and/or tampered with. It is disgusting how people on the internet can base themselves on unproven data in order to completely destroy or permanently impact one's life without much hesitation. I'm not supporting anyone, I'm just stating the sheer unethical nature of such actions. This situation is mostly just an opportunity for me to try to avoid more severe situations because with this mindset? They are certainly coming...

"Isn't it your responsibility to keep such stuff out of chats?" no! Certainly not! I can't go around dictating a whole community. First off, I'm not your parents and second, I am a busy service owner who just cannot afford to take time out of their life in order to chase after people, ban alts and delete leaked private information of public chats. And I can't stand speaking on behalf of a staff team that is on voice chats enjoying their games while a person is being actively harassed on chats. The way my staff team reacted to this - leaving me alone to deal with the issue - is completely absurd.

But what if x really is y?

I could not care less if some random user has done anything anywhere. You bringing it up on my server is bad enough to disturb the whole active member base and make stuff worse than it should've been. If there is at any point actual proof that one of our users is engaged in illegal activities, contact my staff privately instead of malding in chats.

How can we circumvent that?

You've honestly left me with no options. I tried warns, people with anger about their situations didn't care less and continued ignoring the warn. I tried mutes, they were equally ineffective. I can't do anything but instruct and encourage staff to instantly ban anyone involved in spreading outside drama inside signed. It has got to a point where I'd rather have my community's image stay intact even with the sacrifise of losing potentially active members. In other words, I'd rather have a server with actual value rather than a toxic shithole that serves no purpose but to be the outcast of individuals looking to cause trouble to either each other or others.

Some final words...

Because I've been informed about some outrageous stuff from every side of the story, "Take everything you see with a grain of salt" was the best piece of advice I heard when I first began actively participating on the internet. Never grow emotionally attached to anyone you do not know in real life and definitely do not distribute personal information of your own or others on the internet. I feel stupid needing to tell that to people who are supposedly savvy enough to open up a web browser and participate in online chats. I'm genuinely surprised by what I hear every other day and I want the naiveness to end as quickly as possible so we don't have any more bad situations. Stay safe everyone.

Thanks for your understanding.