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Semi-private media file uploader
Providing a high quality ShareX uploader in addition to bio page hosting
Speed here is an absolute priority!
Needing to wait for an image to be upload it in order to forward it to friends is terrible! On, a small image will only take about 500 milliseconds!
The above chart is based on uploading the same 432KB file to both services and comparing the results. Lower is most obviously better.
The above chart is based on running performance oriented lighthouse reports and comparing the results. Lower is most obviously better.
Still not convinced?
Here are some advantages of using
This host's upload speeds are the fastest in the market. This is not just another bold claim, as you will certainly notice it.
Downtime is extremely rare while using our services. If it ever happens, you will be the first to be informed though.
Competitive always tries to go above and beyond to update features, implement new ones and generally avoid being static. We like to reinvent the wheel from times to times...
There is no such thing as a stupid question. Our staff team will guide you through even the most basic tasks if there is a need to. You will never be ashamed to ask anything here.
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