services • semi private service provider
We are still the #1 tool to manage your
Insane speeds
This host's upload speeds are the fastest in the market. This is not just another bold claim, as you will certainly notice it.
Robust structure
Downtime is extremely rare while using our services. If it ever happens, you will be the first to be informed though.
Built with the shiniest of stability
We use new and up to date frameworks and libraries to power our services while still being conscious of stability features and security protocols.
Outstanding competitiveness always tries to go above and beyond to update features, implement new ones and generally avoid being static. We like to reinvent the wheel from times to times...
Shocking friendliness
There is no such thing as a stupid question. Our staff team will guide you through even the most basic tasks if there is a need to. You will never be ashamed to ask anything here.
Easy entrance
Composing an application takes half an hour at most and you have a much higher chance of getting in compared to other hosts. Applications are usually reviewed within a day and you can always appeal a rejection!
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