Warning iconSigned.host is shutting down!

File uploading and account registrations are disabled.

Download all of your files over here.

All accounts, screenshots, domains, bio pages, etc will
be fully deleted by Monday 22nd of July 2024!

[m o r e   i n f o]

Warning iconSuggestions for users

If you're a current signed.host user, please read this fully. It won't take more than 2 minutes.

Before you go looking for a new media hosting service, hear me out. Rumors about other image hosts purposefully leaking their users' information have been spread and my suggestion would be to stay away from such services. Considering the toxicity of this scene, you can understand how they don't care about your privacy. I've always been extremely cautious and didn't fuck around with my users, but not everyone does the same.

What should you do? Download an archive of your files off here. Extract them somewhere, configure ShareX to save new screenshots to your computer and enable "copy to clipboard". That way you'll have a cool folder filled with your internet memories. If you want a bio page, carrd and linktree look promising. I'm not involved in either, I've just seen them being used for a long time and hence are somewhat dependable. I would be careful sharing potentially sensitive information with them though.

Warning iconMy reasons for the shutdown

Maintaining any production-facing service requires a certain level of attention and money. Since I began signed.host with an old friend, stuff has changed in my life, limiting my free time. Furthermore, I honestly lost interest in media hosting while running signed at a loss. With the service's activity being quite stale, there wasn't anything left motivating me to keep working on signed. The nail in the coffin was seeing domains slowly expire away, having users complain while there were no donators. That was my signal it was about time...

Warning icon"This is because of x attack!"

Nope, not at all. Through the years I've experienced various cyberattacks against my projects (DDoSes, framing, a buttload of social engineering). Guess what? Not once have I lost sleep for any of those. Some were tedious to clean up because of how pathetic the people behind them were, but never malicious. Nowhere near the level that would warrant me closing the whole service down.

Warning iconThe media hosting scene is a shitshow

Honestly! The whole community feels cult-ish, filled to the brim with toxicity and confused people. As much as I dislike being forced to participate in fake online-gangster drama, I believe my experiences with another image hosting community from last year sum this point up pretty well. Because of this, I've always felt uncomfortable being called an "image host owner". That title is associated with so much junk, so many filthy, horrible individuals that it just didn't feel right. I've been made fun of behind my back (by people I respect) for "making a modern FTP uploader and calling it a project" and rightfully so. This brings me to another point.

Warning iconMedia hosting is a pollution of web resources

expand nerdy explanation In reality, all an image host does is upload your images to their servers and render the image when a request is sent to your fancy domain. Why is that an issue? Whatever messenger you are using then has to cache it anyway, meaning the same file resides in two places at the same time while holding a domain hostage for no actual reason.